This & That Thursday/Weigh-in/Recipes: Hidden Valley Ranch Pinwheels, Chicken Rice Salad, Butter Pecan Cookies

Weight loss goal      for my 25th anniversary:

15 by the 15th


This week: 2 lbs.!!
Total Lost: 7 lbs.!!

The good news is that I am almost halfway to my goal!  The bad news is I only have about 7 weeks until the "big day," and Thanksgiving is in between!  I think it's going to be close! I am going to hang in there, though!  I got to walk more this week, and that really helps.  Unfortunately, it seems to rain more days than it doesn't here lately, which puts a real "damper" on walking.

It's not too late to join us in losing a few pounds before the holidays.
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You can weigh-in any day you like. My weigh-in day will be Thursdays.

Product Review:  Smart Food's Popcorn Clusters

I bought a couple of boxes of these popcorn treats this week.  I think they are pretty good!  Each flavor contains about 2 fat grams per packet.  Like most prepacked, individually-wrapped snacks, they're not cheap.  These ran about 50 cents per bag.  Great for on-the-go and portion control, though!

Boxes of Smart Food's Popcorn Clusters - Flavors include Cranberry and Chocolate Chip

 Each box contains 5 individual bags of clusters.

"Butterfly Scarecrow" by Pontotoc Fine Arts Club
 Scarecrow Photo Gallery

My mother-in-law was a member of the Pontotoc Fine Arts Club for years. They hold an annual tasting luncheon to raise money for worthy organizations. This year's luncheon is next Friday, November 6th. Contact a Fine Arts member for tickets.
The club members prepare the dishes, and the food is always delicious! I have shared a couple of the recipes I helped my mother-in-law prepare through the years: Pineapple Casserole and Earthquake Cake.  Here are a few more from cookbooks the club has sold at past luncheons:


  1. Yay, Connie!! You are amazing! Wow!
    (I am weighing on Fridays apparently - hmmm)

  2. Congrats on the weight loss Connie! You are doing great!

  3. Still haven't weighed, need to do it first thing and was too busy today. :-D


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