Julie's Strawberry Cake

We had a great week-end celebrating Larry and Aunt Jean’s birthdays! Of course, our festivities included lots of great desserts!!

Larry was treated to two delicious cakes at work on Friday! That morning, Aunt Jean delivered Larry and his co-workers one of her delicious coconut cakes. Larry said it was perfect!! Aunt Jean makes a ton of these cakes each year at Christmas, and they are really, really good. I’ll get her to share this recipe! On Friday afternoon, Nan came in with a delicious Sugaree’s Bakery strawberry cake! Larry brought a few slices home, and it was yummy!! Wasn’t that such a sweet thing for these ladies to do?! They both made Larry feel very special!!

Guess what we had for breakfast on Saturday morning? If you’ve been following this blog for very long, you might guess this! It was Tonya’s Chocolate Cobbler!! As usual, it was yummy!! I told Tonya at church this morning that I know she is glad to have our birthday cobblers “laid by” for another year! She will have a respite until March 2010!! All four cobblers were thoroughly enjoyed!! We love Tonya for lots of reasons, but the birthday cobblers just make us love her even more!!

Okay, get ready, because I have something that several of you have been wanting for a long, long time!!! Last night, I made Larry and Aunt Jean one of Julie’s Strawberry Cakes!! That’s right!! I have the recipe!!! Thank you, Julie, for so very kindly sharing this with us!! Julie has made this cake for us too many times for me to count. It is also a great favorite of our Sunday School Class! Like with Tonya, we love and appreciate Julie for many, many reasons, but this cake causes “bonus love” for her!!

I will go ahead and tell you that, like my version of Tonya’s cobbler, my version of this cake wasn’t as good, or nearly as pretty, as Julie’s. These ladies have these recipes down pat and must “stick their fingers in them” to make them extra special. Also, since I’m nowhere near the cook either of these two are, I'm sure that accounts for much of the difference!! I got tickled at the kids. They were both licking their forks and saying that it was the best strawberry cake I had ever made. Then Logan said, “It’s close to being as good as Ms. Julie’s, Momma. Close.” M.C. quickly added, “Yeah, it’s just maybe a notch below hers. Well, maybe two notches below hers.” Your kids know how to keep you humble, don’t they?!

Without further adieu, here’s Julie’s recipe!! I’m going to give it to you just as Julie sent it to me! For those who don’t know her, you’ll see what a fun personality she has!

Julie’s Strawberry Cake

I got this recipe from a sweet lady when we went to church in Verona.

One box Pillsbury yellow cake mix with the pudding in it....I think it's butter recipe golden......it comes with the pudding already in the mix.....makes it really moist. I grew up using Duncan Hines, but after I married I tried a Pillsbury cake mix and have been hooked since! They seem so much more moist.....ok..........back to the recipe.

1 small box of Strawberry Jell-o
3/4 c oil
1/4 c water
3 or 4 eggs, depending on size of eggs
3/4 of a pint of strawberries thawed(sweetened). I save the rest for the glaze I put on the cake.

I do mine in layers, but hers was in a tube pan. I've also done it in a sheet cake and it is really good that way too! And easy.....
When I make your cake the frosting in between the layers has a little cream cheese in it......don't ask me how much.....I just make it....maybe a half of a big block and I add powdered sugar and strawberry juice......it's ok if some strawberries get in it...... ha ha

The outside is strawberry glaze..........strawberries, juice and powdered sugar. I take a straw and poke it down in the cake so the glaze will get down in the cake.

Wow is this confusing or what.....now I know what my Mamaw meant when she tried to tell me how to cook something............it was easier just to go over and watch her fix it!


This is how I made the frosting for between the layers. It is a very soft icing, but yummy! ~ Connie

4 ounces of cream cheese
1/2 stick of butter
2 1/4 cups confectioner's sugar
3/8 cup mashed strawberries (drained)

Combine cream cheese, and butter and mix on low speed for a minute. Add sugar and strawberries. Blend frosting on low until sugar is incorporated.

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