Chocolate Cobbler/"Is Your Swing Still Holding Up?"

Tonya's Chocolate Cobbler

One of my birthday gifts was that Larry refurbished our porch swing. For those of you who are familiar with the length of time many of Larry’s projects can take, be very proud of him! It was a great gift - and a true labor of love on his part! He had the swing fully sanded, repainted and hanging back in its place by my birthday!!

We bought this swing at True Value the year we built our house, and it has hung on our porch since. It was hand-crafted, signed and dated by Mr. Loran Naugher. It is special to us. Occasionally, Mr. Naugher used to ask me if my swing was “still holding up”. The swing is so well built, it will be "still holding up" long after I am! It very much deserved the refurbishing it received.

Larry had a great time reminiscing about the swing and Mr. Naugher with the guys out at True Value, as he went for refurbishing supplies. Besides Preston, several of them worked there back when we bought the swing. Not a lot changes in Pontotoc. We kind of like it that way. Larry said he even had an offer from one of the guys to buy our swing. Larry just smiled and said, “It’s not for sale.”

I remember swinging both of the kids, as little babies, in this swing. Sweet neighbors, like Mrs. Mable H. and little Martina P., would walk over and visit with us. We’d talk and swing, while the back-and-forth motion lulled the babies to sleep.
The swing made a great “bus” in the toddler days. We would sit in it and swing as high as we dared, hoping the “bus” would make it “up the hill”.

What does my porch swing have to do with cooking? Well, I’m getting to that! As Larry and I sat in the swing at lunch (enjoying the fruits of his labor), my sweet friend, Tonya H. pulled up with a hot chocolate cobbler. Y’all thought my birthday celebration was over, didn’t you?! Not so!! None of us at our house would think our birthdays were complete without receiving one of Ms. Tonya’s chocolate cobblers. They are divine!! We are digging into them before Tonya can get out of the driveway! They are best warm, you know! ;)
I have tried several times, but without her success, to make this cobbler. It’s always good, just not as good as hers. She has graciously shared the recipe with us! Thank you, Tonya, for ministering to my family through your kitchen!! We always feel special and blessed by your taking time to do this for us!! The cobbler you brought today is wonderful - as always!!

As I said above, things are slow to change here, but time does march on. Mrs. Mable moved to Jackson to be near her girls several years ago now. Martina is now a grown, married young lady.
As the kids have gotten older, the discussions that take place on the seat of that swing have gotten deeper. And, as many of you know, Mr. Naugher recently went to be with the Lord.

So, yes, my swing’s “still holding up”. Sweet friends, like Tonya, are still dropping by, the joy of sitting with one of my kids on that swing remains the same and people at the hardware store are still talking about the quality of the swings Mr. Naugher built. I this would make him happy!

If you're out my way, stop by and sit with me on my freshly-painted porch swing. I'll fix us a big glass of iced tea. Don't count on getting any of Tonya's cobbler, though! It's half-eaten already!!

Many Blessing and Happy Cookin' ~ Connie

Tonya’s Chocolate Cobbler

2 sticks Margarine
1 ½ Cups Self-rising flour
1 ½ Cups Sugar
¾ cup Milk

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut margarine into pats and place in 9x13 pan. Melt.
*I usually let the margarine melt as oven is preheating and cutting into pats will make it melt much faster than leaving it in sticks.

2. Combine flour, sugar and milk in a mixing bowl. Stir until smooth.

3. Pour evenly (sort of) into 9x13 pan. Try not to pour in one spot.
****Do Not Stir!!!!****

4. Next combine 1 cup sugar and 6 teaspoons of cocoa in a small mixing bowl. Stir together to remove most of cocoa lumps.

5. Pour evenly over batter. ****Do not Stir!!!!****

6. Pour 1 ½ cups hot water over mixture. ****Do not Stir!!!!****

7. Bake @ 350 degrees for about 30 - 35 minutes. (I cook mine for 35 minutes.)

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  1. Chocolate cobbler is so yummy. I did not have a recipe. I can't wait to bake....my family is gonna love it!


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