Tuesday's Tip: Use Cookie Dough Scoops to Fill Muffin Cups

Miniature muffins are a great way to have “just a bite” of something tasty. I love mini muffins, but I used to hate filling all those little holes with batter. Finally, I discovered that my smallest cookie dough scoop is the perfect size for filling the cups of my mini muffin tins. Using the scoop is quick, easy and produces uniform-sized muffins! Guess what?! Large cookie dough/ice cream scoops are great for scooping batter into standard size muffin tins! As much as I like the ease using a scoop to fill tins brings, what I really like best is the uniformity that is produced!

Using a cookie dough scoop makes quick and easy work of filling muffin tins.
A nice uniformity is also achieved!

My scoop made quick work of making a batch of my Bacon Cheddar Muffins for Sunday school this past week!


  1. Mrs. Connie~

    Today I made oatmeal-raisin cookies. I tried balling them with my hands but they were to gloppy. But then, i had a thought: I could TRY and use the cookie scooper! I had never used a cookie dough ball-er(thingie) until today for cookie, and do you know what? It worked AWESOMELY!!! I suppose that's why it is called a cookie dough ball-er(thingie)!!=) ;) I just thought I would share! I miss y'all!!

    Love to your whole family!


  2. Hannah, Your comment made my day!! :) I am glad you and Sarah are still cooking away!! I know you girls are great cooks!! I am glad the scoop worked well for your cookies! The right tool can make all the difference! Please give your mom, Sarah and the boys a big, big hug from me!! Love y'all lots and lots!!


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