Tuesday's Tip: Cute St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes/Use Gel Food Coloring for Intensity

Rainbow Cupcakes

I came across these cute Rainbow Cupscakes on Lindsey Mendenhall’s blog, The Bakery Box.
Lindsey has established a little tradition of baking these delightful cupcakes for her children for St. Patrick’s Day. Every “little leprechaun” I know would certainly feel like they had found a pot of gold, if they were served one of these colorful treats. How clever to tie in the rainbow theme for this celebration! On a table filled with treats of only shades of green, these pretty, multicolored cupcakes would surely stand out! They sound yummy too! Not only are these perfect for celebrating St. Paddy’s Day, I think they’d be wonderful for birthdays and school parties!

Sugaree’s, a local bakery, makes a rainbow cake, which puts me in mind of Lindsey’s cupcakes. Lindsey’s recipe would work well for this. Just divide the cake batter evenly into five bowls and add desired shade of food coloring. (You might need to use 2 boxes of cake mix to create this many layers.) Bake and ice with Lindsey’s Cream Cheese Icing. Adding candy sprinkles around the edge, as Sugaree’s does, is a fun touch! If you're not a baker, just have Sugaree's ship you one!

See how pretty and intense the colors are!

Lindsey shared a great tip for getting this nice intense color you see in her cupcakes. Use gel food coloring, not liquid! I don’t use a lot of food coloring, but when MC and her friends get in the kitchen, they love to experiment! One of their favorite ingredients to use is food coloring! Over the years, they have created everything from rainbow pancakes to rainbow sugar cookies. MC is never satisfied with the intensity of her colors. I’ll have to get her some gel food coloring!

Hop over to Lindsey’s post for some great tips on baking these cute cupcakes and the best places to get all the necessary supplies, including the gel food coloring and fondant!

Many thanks to Lindsey for allowing me to share her recipes, tips and photos!

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