Tuesday's Tips: Freezing Cranberries/Using Christmas Cards to Pray

With the close of the holidays, cranberries can be had for a song right now! It is a great time to buy a few bags and freeze them. Freezing cranberries is super easy and allows us to enjoy our cranberry recipes throughout the year! Not many (if any!) of our small grocery stores here in the rural South have the freezer space available to stock frozen cranberries. Luckily, dried cranberries are readily available, but they don’t work well for all recipes. Frozen cranberries can be easily substituted for fresh cranberries in many, if not most, instances. Here’s an easy, convenient way to keep some on hand:

 Dump cranberries in a colander and wash well, removing any damaged or blemished berries.

Pour washed cranberries onto trays lined with paper towels and allow to dry completely. Roll them around from time to time and change the paper toweling, if necessary. It is important that the berries be dry before freezing. Water on the berries will crystallize when frozen and damage the berries. It may also cause the berries to clump together. 

 Line cookie sheets with foil, spread washed and dried berries onto the foil-lined pans and pop into the freezer.
When berries are completely frozen, roll the foil into a funnel shape and pour berries into a labeled zippered bag. Berries will be individually frozen and easy to measure!

 Receiving Christmas cards from friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances is one of my favorite things about the holidays! A great way to enjoy your Christmas cards year round, and to minister to the folks who send cards to you, is to put the cards in a basket and place it near your Bible. Each day during your prayer time, take the card on top and pray for the family who sent the card to you. After praying, place that card at the back of the stack, leaving the next card for the next day. Depending of the number of cards you receive, you should be able to pray for each family several times throughout the year!

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  1. What a lovely way to make good use of all those Christmas cards that usually get thrown away! Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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