Sausage Balls and Christmas Thoughts...

Donna blessed us with a yummy batch of sausage balls yesterday at Sunday School! They were wonderful! Donna is a terrific cook and a sweet, sweet friend! Thank you for ministering to us, Donna!

Here is a link to my sausage ball recipe on this blog:

This is great time to start preparing these for the freezer! You'll be so glad you have a few batches of these on hand when you need to prepare something quickly for the upcoming holiday festivities!

Can y'all believe it is only 46 days 'til Christmas?! Where has this year gone?!

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.  ~Janice Maeditere

We will all have lots of opportunities for ministering in the next few weeks. Preparations are well underway at our church for our annual Feeding of the 5000, where we provide a holiday meal for the needy and homebound.

Next Sunday, we will bring our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to church to be sent to the area distribution center. From there, these little packages will be distributed to children all around the world. I am afraid I am a bit melancholy about the shoeboxes this year. It has been a longstanding tradition for us to go as a family one night in early November and purchase the items for one girl and one boy Christmas shoebox. With Logan being a senior this year and headed to college next fall, I am thinking this may be the last year we do this as a family unit. So many changes!

Our kids were always big into playing dress up, and the bulk of Santa's gifts usually consisted of fun costumes. Many Christmas mornings were spent with our kids role playing their favorite characters! I was reminded of this when we rented Toy Story 3 over the weekend. The kids are still teasing me about crying during a good portion of the movie. Andy's leaving for college in this animated film hit too close to home! Throughout the movie, my mind's eye kept seeing our own costumed, little Buzz Lightyear chasing our sweet Jessie, with red wig always askew, around the living room before climbing to the top of his Little Tikes castle wall and hurling himself from the top, as he screamed - "To infinity... and beyond!"

As we begin to make preparations for this holiday season, I pray that we will all take time to enjoy the small things. They really are the things that make the sweetest memories. I pray that in the middle of all the hubbub, we will not forget why we are celebrating. As fun as it was for us to watch Logan throw himself towards "infinity," it has been so much more important that we have watched him prepare for eternity. As delightful as it was to play dress up with them, how much more important it has been that we have tried to point them to God, who clothed himself in a body of flesh and come to dwell among us! Now, that is reason to celebrate!


  1. I just realized that Logan was about Scott's age (or maybe a little younger) when we met! Time has flown by. It's so sad and so exciting all at the same time!

    [remembering the Arts & Crafts days :)]

  2. What fun times we had at Arts and Crafts!!
    Give that sweet Scott a hug for me and enjoy having a little boy in your home in a special way today! They grow up so, so fast!!
    Hugs to your sweet girls, too!!!
    I miss seeing you!! God bless ~ Connie


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