Trying to get healthier...again!

Don't dig your grave 
with your own knife and fork.  
~English Proverb

A couple of you have mentioned wanting to start to track our weight loss again. I need some weight loss buddies! I've gained and lost the same 5 pounds all winter long. My goal was to loose 10. So, right now I'm up to needing to lose 15. (Yes, I am the perfect poster child for yo-yo dieting!) I got off track with my healthier eating during my dad's illness, and I didn't walk very much all winter. NOT a good combination! Well, spring has sprung, and I need to get serious about being healthier! I bought The Hungry Girl cookbooks a few months back, and they have managed to collect a nice, little layer of dust over the weeks! I've decided to brush them off and to try to put them to use!
I'd love to have you join me! "Misery loves company." No, no! I mean - "the more the merrier!" Right?! ;
Let me know, and I'll add your name to the list! I'll weigh in on Fridays. Weigh in any day you like. Just let me know, and I'll post your pounds lost!


  1. Hey Connie!
    I am fixing your Very Easy Shepherds Pie for supper tonight. I am serving it with peas and green beans. I can't wait to eat it!

    Do you have an iPhone? If so, there is an app called Lose It. You enter you current weight, you goal weight, and then it tells you how many calories you can consume each day. You just scroll through the foods (and everything you can think of is on there), and choose what you eat. It keeps a running total of how much you have eaten, and how many calories you have left. You also enter you exercise, and it recalculates your calorie allowance. It's a neat thing!

    Hope to see you soon!

  2. You can use sparkpeople.com - Free and very easy - track food and exercise, yadda yadda yadda (I keep saying). I want to lose 10 ... Friday is really soon - but I will weigh myself tomorrow and then report in the difference by Friday :-)

  3. So glad to have you join me, Susieloulou!!
    Thanks for mentioning sparkpeople.com
    They have great resources!
    I've added you to the list!!


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