Aunt Jesca’s Cornbread Salad

My friend Judy gave me this recipe many years. It was a recipe George’s aunt, Jesca, had shared with her. It was the first Cornbread Salad I had ever eaten. Although, I’ve had many versions since, this is still by far my favorite and the only one I personally make.

I love having my recipes on my computer, mainly because it makes them so easy to share with others. There are few recipes though that I’ve purposefully never added to my computerized recipe file. This recipe is one of them. I just love taking out this old 5x7-inch ruled index card with Judy’s handwriting; love seeing her notation that the recipe was from Jesca; and love being reminded of that sweet, long-ago day in her kitchen on Poyner Street, where I took my first bite of Aunt Jesca’s Cornbread Salad. Great food! Great memories!

Aunt Jesca’s Cornbread Salad

Fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes are best in this! Don’t go using low-fat mayo here! Cut calories elsewhere! Full-octane Hellman’s is the ticket for this particular application!

2 pones* cornbread (I’ve never measured the amount in cups, but I’m guessing it’s 5 - 6 cups. If you get too much cornbread, just add another dollop or two of mayo!)
1 cup chopped green onions
½ cup chopped green peppers
2 or 3 tomatoes
2 cups mayonnaise

Jesca’s recipe lists these two ingredients as optional. I’ve never add them myself, but I’m sure they’d be good.
1 (4-ounce) jar diced pimentos
1 cup chopped celery 

You can add a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper, if you like.

Crumble corn pones and add other ingredients. Chill. Delicious with country vegetables!

*Corn Pone - (Regional cuisine - Southern US) corn bread, especially a plain type made with water, sometimes shortened to pone

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  1. I've only had cornbread salad when I made it once but I loved it and it went over well at a potluck. As I recall, there were bacon bits, too :-)

  2. You are right, susieloulou! A lot of cornbread salad recipes call for bacon! Yum!!

  3. I have never made a cornbread salad but will now !! Sounds so good.
    Hope all is well with your sweet southern family dear Connie !
    Hugs and blessings to you my friend.


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