Weight loss goal      for my 25th anniversary:

 I did weigh-in this morning, prior to eating the Bacon and Cheddar Scones! ;)
Somehow, I managed to lose a pound this week. I don't really know how! We still have lots of holiday food around the kitchen and something about "being snowed-in" always causes the munchies!
I did try to make some lower-fat choices this week and walked just a bit. I think the tempts are suppose to be a good bit warmer next week, so I hope to really get back to my walking.
Best wishes to all as we strive to get healthier!


  1. Monday will be my weigh in day. I am thinking I may need to up my goal. I am also feeling the snow in munchies. I was doing so great, too.Good thing I have a LONG deadline right :)

  2. I might as well count today for weighing in. In which case I maintained. Too much junk food still around here - but I've almost eaten it all - go me!! Sigh.


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