I NEED your ideas and recipes for ham...

My daddy (yes, 40-something year old women from the South still call their fathers Daddy :)) gave us this huge ham for Christmas, and we've honestly just been intimidated and lazy about dealing with it. We've waited until the "use by date" is very short. Larry threw it on the smoker today, and it turned out deliciously. But, there's a ton of it!! We will have to freeze most of it due to our procrastination on getting it cooked. Please send me your favorite ham recipes, as we will be eating on this for the next few months. I think we can safely eat on it from the freezer for 3 months, don't y'all?
Tonight, we just ate sliced ham with veggies from our freezer - peas, butter beans, corn and cornmeal fritters - a great meal for this cold night!
Tomorrow night, I had planned on making Bacon and Cheddar Pizza. Guess what I'll be substituting for the bacon? ;)
Members of our Sunday school class, be forewarned! You will be helping us eat up this ham!!
Many blessings to all!!


  1. I can't wait to read the post comments on ham recipes. I have leftover ham in the freezer.

  2. Oh, I'm sure you'll come up with great ideas for Sunday school. I LOVE having ham in my freezer. I cut the littlest bits up for fried rice - yum. (leftover rice, peas, corn, whatever other veggies i want to use up, raw, cooked, frozen, it's all good:-) I make broccoli/noodle/ham or broccoli/rice/ham casseroles. We love ham and pineapple pizza. The bone always goes in split pea soup - with more ham, of course. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches! Ham alfredo. I add ham to my favorite scalloped potatoes, cut up and stirred in or sliced and baked on top. You'll be sorry when this huge ham runs out :-D

  3. I made little mini quiches with some ham over New Years. I didn't really use a recipe, but maybe the idea will provide some inspiration ;) I'd definately use the hambone for split pea soup though!

  4. Barbara and I have enjoyed a potato and ham dish made by combining Campbells Cheddar Cheese soup, diced potatoes (partially cooked) and diced ham then heating until hot and potatoes are tender. We first ate this at a friend's home where it was served as the main course.

  5. so glad you found the love knots recipe on my blog! and so fun that your husband proposed to you in the grove! my husband and i met at ole miss. we love oxford and fortunately have a lot of friends that live there so we get to go back often. have you ever made ham party rolls with your leftover ham? you use party rolls, you mince your ham in a food processor or blender and mix with shredded cheese, onion, mustard, and poppyseeds and then bake? there's some butter in there too. they are to die for! i just made some last week with our leftover ham and they are so easy to freeze too. let me know if you'd like the recipe and i'll send it to you.

  6. Ham and scalloped potatoes is our favorite! I hope y'all are well- Thanks for the card! We miss you guys!

  7. I was on a HUGE ham kick a while back and posted. Here are a few names, let me know and I can email or send you links to the post or you can always search too ... LOL whatever is easiest :)

    Ham and Stuffing Casserole, Ham and Cheddar Torta, cheesy ham bake, ham and egg breakfast pizza, ham bone & bean soup (crock pot), ham quiche, leftover ham pie, ham pizza, impossibly easy ham and cheddar pie, ham and rice casserole

    LOL ok that's what I've posted I have more ... that I have posted yet :)

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