Getting healthy together!!!

 Weight loss goal      for my 25th anniversary:

Just wanted to say how happy I am to have Emily, Susieloulou and Felcia join me in getting healthier! I wanted to take a moment to thank them and give them a little introduction!

Emily has a great food blog called Marvelous Recipes. I have tried many of her recipes over the past several months and have never been disappointed! Be sure to check out her blog. She recently posted a low-carb chicken recipe, Deviled Chicken, that sounds and looks delicious!! Emily is a great encourager!!

Susieloulou was such a trooper to hang in with me when I was trying to toss a few pounds before my 25th anniversary in December! Thank you, Susieloulou!! She has been very successful in losing some unwanted pounds over the past several months. I hope you saw her recommendation to check out Sparkspeople. It is a great site with tons of information and lots of healthy recipes for all sorts of special dietary needs. Thanks for sharing this, Susieloulou!

Felicia is a sweet, personal friend! She has a really cute blog, Lime-A-Beans, where she shares her beautiful  and creative handiwork! She's a gifted seamstress, knitter and cook! Be sure to check out some of the beautiful party cakes she and her family members have baked! They're really neat!! I so appreciate Felecia's suggestion that we remember each other in prayer. We can do all things through Christ... Thanks for this reminder, Felecia!!

I love that these ladies shared what they will be doing to try to shed their unwanted pounds! I hope you gals will post any good tips and recipes that work well for you as we go along!

As for me, I will be trying to stick to my doctor-recommended, low-fat eating plan. Due to my not-so-great cholesterol levels , this is the best and most needed path for me. There are so many with special dietary needs, I am glad we have a variety of "plans" in our little cyber support group! Oh, I do try to walk everyday, too! To me, walking is the perfect exercise! It clears the minds and strenghtens the body!

Please join us! We'd love to have you! Just leave your name (it can be a pseudonym!) and your goal in the comment section of any post, or e-mail me at mealplanwithconnie@att, and I'll add you to our list!

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