Weigh-in/This & That Thursday - Frozen Ice Cream Treats and Kraft 2% Cheeses

Weight loss goal      for my 25th anniversary:

15 by the 15th


This week: 1 lb.!!
Total Lost: 5 lbs.!!

Well, I am a third of the way to my goal.  Unfortunately, it is getting harder to lose, and I am getting hungrier, too!!
I hope that it was a great week for all you guys who are also trying to shed a few pounds! Let me know how you did!

It's not too late to join us in losing a few pounds before the holidays.
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You can weigh-in any day you like. My weigh-in day will be Thursdays.

There are some fairly low-fat, low-calorie choices in the ice cream section of your grocer's freezer.  Here are three of our favorites.

Fudgsicles = 1.5 grams of fat
60 calories per bar        

Snow Cream Stix = 1.5 grams of fat         
60 calories per bar                          

Sherbet = 0 grams of fat
100 calories per 1/2 cup

 I like to make smoothies with the sherbet. Spoon desired amount of sherbet into blender; add enough orange juice or skim milk for desired thickness.  You can also add sliced bananas or strawberries, if you like.  Blend and enjoy! 
The only downfall to all these treats is their calorie content.  Be sure to watch your portion size.

Kraft 2% Block Cheeses

I love cheese!  I really do!! Kraft's 2% block cheeses are the best readily available reduced-fat cheeses I have found.  Although it's a bit more work, the block cheeses really are better than the pre-shredded variety.  I understand that the pre-shredded cheese has a coating that keeps the cheese from clumping together.  Personally, I think this coating keeps it from melting as well.  When using 2%, you need all the help you can get in getting the cheese to melt and be ooey and gooey, so I do think freshly grating is best.  Of course, it's not as convenient!  There's always a rub, isn't there?!  Also, even though they're lower in fat than the full-fat cheeses, 2% cheese is still contains a fair amount of fat.  Use it sparingly.  Tip:  Remember, the sharper the cheese, the stronger the flavor.  A little sharp cheese can go a long way in adding a lot of flavor to your favorite dishes.  Watch for these to go on sale and stock up!


I got my Christmas Planner put together.  The plan begins on October 25 - next Monday!  Let me know if you decide to follow this plan, too!

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  1. Wow - 5 pounds!! Great job. I was thinking all I need to do is meet half of your goal, and I'm not there yet! BUT - I can say I have definitely lost a pound!! LOL. Maybe a bit more, but I'm saying ONE - go, me, too!


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