Recipe: Homemade "Egg McMuffin," Preparing for Christamas, Awards and Other Ramblings

My Homemade Egg, Bacon, and Cheese English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich = 3 grams of fat 

McDonald's Egg McMuffin = 12 grams of fat

English Muffins are a great way to cut fat from your diet and still have a bit of bread.  The brand I buy, Wonder, only has 1 gram of fat per muffin. They are available in white or wheat.

It is very easy to make your own low-fat Egg, Bacon and English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich at home.
Most pre-cooked bacon has 1 -1.5 grams of fat per slice.  Blot it with a paper towel after zapping it in the microwave to remove as much fat as possible.  I use fat free cheese and Egg Beaters. Toast your English muffin while you cook your Egg Beaters in a small skillet.  Pour a thin layer of Egg Beaters into warm skillet.  Once set, sprinkle with fat-free cheese and  fold "burrito-like" and then fold in half to make a neat square. Put the egg square on top of toast muffin.Top with 1 slice of heated precooked bacon. Top with other half of muffin. And there you have it - a yummy, healthful and very filling breakfast!

This morning, Brother Ken continued to encourage our church body in our missions outreach efforts.  Larry, Logan and I have all had the privilege of going on past church mission trips and have been so blessed through them.  M.C. is looking forward to going soon! It really is a life changing experience for all involved.

While going on these trips is a wayof sharing our faith abroad, it is just as important to participate in local outreaches. There are two food distribution projects here in our small town.  This time of year, they usually see a sharp rise in the number of requests they receive for assistance. Please remember to add a few canned good to your grocery cart to donate to your local food bank. Be sure to take your kids along when you deliver the food to the food pantry.

I want to share about a ministry that our family (and many of yours I'm sure) has been involved with for many years now.  It's Samaritan Purse's Operation Christmas Child. As a family, we take one night in November to go shopping for one boy and one girl, buying enough items to fill a shoebox for each.  Since the collection date for the boxes is usually in mid-November, this is really the beginning of the holiday season for our family and is one of our favorite traditions.  Many churches (including ours) and civic groups participate in the collection of these boxes.  Click on the link above to learn more about this ministry to children around the world.  At the site, you can type in your zip code and find a map with drop off locations near you! The collection dates this year for 2009 are November 16-23.
Just of note:  clear plastic shoe boxes are wonderful for this application!  I've been told that, because the recipients can use it such of variety of things, the plastic box is as much of a gift as the items inside.  I just line ours with pretty tissue paper.

Speaking of the Christmas, the holidays are just around the corner!  I have found lots of great tips for having an organized holiday season at my friend Roan's website. She has some great links to other sites, too!  Be sure to pop over to see for yourself! I also found some great forms at Organized Christmas.  You might find these helpful, as well.  The first week of scheduling begins on October 25th.  If you get your sheets printed out this week, you'll be ready on the 25th!

Guess what?! This week will mark my 6th month of blogging! I want to say thank you to all of you for reading, sharing and encouraging me in this little endeavor.  It has been a fun project for us!

My sweet friend and fellow foodie blogger, Emily, at Marvelous Recipes, presented me with a blog award the other day! Thank you, Emily!! How very kind of you!! Brook at Saving My Nickles also passed this lovely award along to me!  Wow! What a nice surprise from these sweet ladies! Be sure to check out Emily's site for lots a "marvelous" recipes and Brook's site for great budgeting tips and other info!

Emily, Brook and I have made several mutual foodie blogging friends. Kudos to them for receiving this award, as well!!I pass the award along to all of my other foodie blogging and miscellaneous blogging friends, too! Their links are in my sidebar! Check them out!  I look forward to continuing to share many recipes and words of encouragement with you all!

The best thing about blogging has been the interaction with people I have had through this medium! Some of you are longtime friends. Others are new acquaintances, and there are a few people I have reconnected with through this blog. Again, thanks to all for your kind words.  My prayer is that you will find a recipe or two that you can use to make your family supper time more doable and that you might find a bit of encouragement here from time to time.

Many blessings to you all and happy cookin' ~ Connie

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  1. You absolutely deserve an award because I can tell how much you love blogging and sharing with others. I love reading your blog, and seeing what's new!

    Keep up the great work, Connie! You are definitely a blessing!



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