Monday's Meal Plan at a Glance

Menu Plan for October 19th - 25th 

All recipes HERE!

My mother's menu consisted of two choices: 

Take it or leave it.
~ Buddy Hackett

Table Blessing
O God, we ask you for what we want,
And in your divine extravagance, 
You give us what we need.  
Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Monday - Baked Potato Soup and Low-fat Corn Muffins

Tuesday - White Pizza

Wednesday - Leftovers Buffet

Thursday - Ham and Egg Pie and Low-fat Hash Brown Casserole

Saturday - Lightened-up Tamale Pie and Ranch-y Frito Corn Salad

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  2. I'm doing some blog visiting this evening and watching "Adam 12" online. It's one of the shows that my husband and I like to watch.
    You have a tasty week of recipes planned.
    Please feel free to stop by my blog. Our family is looking for ways to reduce our grocery bill since my husband and I are unemployed.
    You have a wonderful week!

  3. Excellent menu this week! I'm still playing along on MPM too but posting on my new blog - The Motivation Station now. Hope you'll stop by and participate in some challenges with us :-)


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