Pinto Beans, Tomato Relish & Jam

Completely dried up,
They've become beans.
- Santoka Taneda, 1882-1940
Mountain Tasting, Translated by John Stevens

I laughingly tell Larry that I am the cheapest date of all times! Take me to Cracker Barrel,
give me the Pot 'O Beans and a plate of Cracker Barrel's ever-so-yummy corn muffins and for less than 5 bucks, I’m happy!

Ritz crackers topped with whipped cream cheese
and a dab of Judy's Tomato Jam

Pinto Beans, cornbread and Tonya's Tomato Relish
(Yesterday, Aunt Jean brought me these tasty pinto beans she had cooked in her crock pot!)

If you’ve never tried tomato jam or relish, you really must! I was fortunate recipient of a jar of each this summer. Tonya brought me a jar of tomato relish, and Judy shared a jar of her tomato jam. Tonya’s relish is yummy with peas and pinto beans! I got hooked on doing this at Cracker Barrel, as they serve their pintos with a bit of green relish. I love to top cream cheese with Judy’s Tomato Jam and spread this on crackers. Both are excellent!! Maybe Tonya and Judy will share their recipes!!


  1. Yum, I haven't had pinto beans in YEARS!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note, I look forward to reading your blog!


  2. Love beans and cornbread!!! We had them today for lunch, then chili from them for supper! Southern minds think alike ;-)

  3. Pinto beans and cornbread...YUM!!! I love that kind of stuff.

  4. I have had a hankering for pinto beans and cornbread lately. I guess it's time I cooked some! Thanks for sharing with us. :)


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