Sausage and Rice Casserole

Brother Ken continued with the message series on Waiting on God. The focus verse was:

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

What a beautiful promise from the Lord!

This verse fits in well with a quotation I heard on the radio one morning this week while I was walking. The quote was attributed to Charles Spurgeon. However, a check of the web didn't turned up verification of this. So, I can't say for sure who said this or the context in which it was said. But, I do love the quote and find it to be full of truth.

"Seek preparedness, not opportunity."

This can have several interpretations, I suppose. I often encourage my kids, especially Logan at his age, not to worry so much seeking opportunity (as in the spot light or fortune), but instead, to constantly seek to prepare himself - spiritually and educationally - for God's purposes.

High-profile positions are almost never as good as they are promoted to be and most often lead us to focus on the glorification of self. I firmly believe that if we prepare ourselves, the Lord God will send us great opportunities to serve in ways that will honor and glorify Him.

Of course, what I "preach" to my kids often times comes home to roost on my own porch. At these times, I must be willing to take my own advice! I don't know how many times I've said things like - "I am hoping to get the opportunity (as in chance) to go visit her soon," or "I am going to fix them some food, just as soon as I get the opportunity." Please tell me I'm not the only one guilty of this!

The truth is, the Lord constantly provides me with opportunities to minister through my kitchen. The problem is, I am often not prepared to do so. In an effort to over come this, I have tried to accumulate a few recipes for which I can easily keep the ingredients on hand. I have found that I am much more likely to follow through with the Lord's leading if I have prepared for the opportunity. I believe that preparedness to seize God-given opportunities is the key to living out God's plan for our lives to the fullest measure.

This week, I am going to share a couple of my and my friend, Donna S.'s, "go to" recipes. If you have recipes that you use in this way, we'd love for you to share them. Post them, or a link to them, in the comment section below. You may also email them to me at:


For Sunday school this morning, I made Sausage and Rice Casserole. Donna gave me the recipe a few weeks back. It is similar in many ways to what I call my "Cradle-to-the-Grave" Casserole. I'll be sharing it a little later this week.

Donna found this recipe in our largest local newspaper, The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal. It was shared by their food editor, Ginna Parsons. I love that this is a recipe Ginna shared with her church family at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Tupelo! This church is located next door to the Lee-Itawamba County Library. I am always touched by the sign in their churchyard inviting those in need to a breakfast served there at the church by volunteers. This ongoing ministry is called All Saints' Brew. What a lovely way to served the Lord!

Donna, thank you for sharing the recipe!! We surely enjoyed it!!

I think this casserole would work well for supper,too, especially in the winter! The ingredients are easy to keep on hand, making this a great spur-of-the-moment, "go to" recipe. I believe you'll receive many complements and requests for this recipe from those you share this with!

Sausage and Rice Casserole

Ginna Parson's article states that her church family group served this casserole with a blueberry crisp and fresh fruit.

Sausage and Rice Casserole

1 bell pepper, chopped

1 onion, chopped

1/2 stick butter

11/2 pounds sausage, cooked and drained*

1 box Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Wild Rice, original flavor

1 can cream of celery soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

2 soup cans water

1 small can mushrooms, drained**

1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese***

Sauté bell pepper and onion in butter. Drain well. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour mixture into a greased 9x13-inch baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Check rice for doneness and cook a half hour more, if needed.

For convenience and the ability to put this dish together quickly:

Keep enough of all the ingredients in your pantry to make two of these. Everything except the veggies keeps well in a pantry.

To have the veggies readily on hand, keep a bag of frozen chopped onions and peppers in your freezer. You can purchase these or make your own. If you have onions and peppers that are going to ruin before you can use them, chopped them, spread them on a cookie sheet, stick them in the freezer until they are frozen, spoon the frozen veggies into a Ziploc, and return to the freezer. These are so handy for when you're in a hurry or out of these fresh vegetables.

Another option is to use a large jar of pimentos in place of the peppers, and some onion powder or dried onions as a substitute for the chopped onions.

"I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation."
~ Madame Benoit

I only made a few small changes to this recipe:

*I used two pounds of sausage. Be sure to read Ginna's funny tale about this aspect of the recipe

**I used a 2 cups container of fresh sliced mushrooms. I sauteed them with the butter, onions and peppers

***I stirred the one cup of cheese into the casserole and baked it as directed. Then I took it out of the oven and topped with additional cheese and returned it to the oven long enough to melt the cheese.

I ran into my long-time friends, Randy and Belinda Y. and "the Twins", (I love those boys!) yesterday afternoon. They told me about of few of our recipes that they had tried. Belinda shared some of the changes and adjustments she had made. I love this!! Belinda is a great cook!! She gave me some new ideas for some of my old favorite recipes!! I encourage you all to play around with recipes. I rarely make any recipe exactly as it is given to me! Make recipes work for your family's taste!! Let me know of any changes/adjustment you make to our recipes!! I'd love to give them a try your way!!

Many blessings and happy cookin' ~ Connie

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  1. Connie,
    I am so guilty of doing the same thing, when I get a chance, maybe next week, etc.
    I really am enjoying your great recipes on your blog and now plan to use it as my go to when looking for something new !
    Thanks so much for always sharing such good eats !!


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