Homemade Tomato Soup

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Homemade Tomato Soup

Homemade Tomato Soup

This really is a Southern delicacy. It is made in the summer using fresh tomatoes. In the winter, folks use a quart or two of their home-canned tomatoes for this delicious soup.

3 - 4 fresh tomatoes per person (peeled and diced) Or a quart or two of home-canned tomatoes
a few slices of bacon
Chopped white or green onions, to taste
salt, sugar and pepper, to taste

In a soup pot, cook bacon until crisp. Remove from pan. Set aside and crumble when cooled.
Saute onions where bacon was cooked.
Add tomatoes. If using fresh tomatoes, bring pot to a boil, reduce heat to a slow boil and let tomatoes cook until they have pretty much disintegrate. It will take a little while for the tomatoes to "cook down." Maybe 45 minutes to and hour. (If using home-canned tomatoes, just heat tomatoes through, add seasonings, and simmer a few minutes.)
When tomatoes have disintegrated and the liquid has cooked down a bit, add salt, sugar and pepper to taste.
Ladle into soup bowls. Top each bowl with crumbled bacon.
Must be served with hot corn bread.

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  1. Wow this looks great. I'm totally going to try it.

  2. Tomato soup is one of my favorites too! This looks like an easy delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yum! Why haven't I thought to add bacon to tomato soup before?! Everything is better with bacon :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. We're sharing peanut butter ideas and Elvis stories at diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com. I hope you will come join us. Or, join us for Crock Pot Wednesdays. Mister Linky will be ready for that on Tuesday.

  5. How perfect, I was just thinking of tomato soup to use up the bounty from the garden. Have you ever added cream to this recipe to make it a creamed soup? That's where my mind went reading this recipe~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. Ahrisha,

    I've never used cream. I'll have to try that! Your question reminded me that mom would occasionally thicken tomato soup with a cornmeal and water paste. It probably doesn't sound that good, but it really is! I think it's probably an old Southern thing. Thanks for jogging my memory!!


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