Thank you for participating in our first poll, which asked the question:

Do you put jelly on your meat and biscuits?

The results are:

Always, what's a meat and biscuit without some jelly?!

Never, that's disgusting!

Sometimes, I like it both ways!

(I don't know where the other 1% is! These are just to totals we were given!)

Okay, I have to admit to being in the 35% who find it disgusting. I had honestly never even heard of anyone doing this until I met Larry. I have been surprised over the years to find that it is quite a common practice! Who knew?! While I sat quietly at at home, eating my momma's chocolate gravy, there were those who were slathering jelly on their sausage and biscuits!!

Poor Larry! He tries to accommodate me. When he found out that just the thought of jelly on your bacon was a very unpleasant one for me, he stopped putting the jelly on his meat and biscuits. When we were younger - and could eat more, he would just have a meat and biscuit
and a separate jelly and biscuit. As any of you over 40 know, time and metabolism wait for no man - or woman. So, to keep his weight in check, he now separates his one biscuit, leaving the meat on one half - open-faced. On the other half, he puts his jelly. Bless his heart, the compromises he has made to be married to me!!

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  1. The only thing I put jelly on is a bacon biscuit--and it has to be strawberry jam. My husband loves grape jelly on hot dogs.

    I don't know of many folks who eat jelly on meat.


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