My free McDonald's Mocha from Mocha Monday!!!

In America, you can buy bucket-sized
cups of coffee
in any flavour you like,
other than coffee-flavour.

~Author Unknown - but apparently British from the spelling. What do those tea drinkers know about coffee, anyway?! ;)

McDonald's Hot Mocha

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup oozing
from the spout of a McDonald's Hot Mocha

It's Mocha Monday at Mickey D's!!

I ran to our McDonald's here in Pontotoc this morning and got a Hot Mocha. I am a pretty loyal Starbucks fan and hadn't tried McDonald's gourmet coffees - until today. I have to say it was pretty good! Better, or as good as - Starbucks? Well, I'm mixed! I think I like McDonald's whipped topping and chocolate syrup better than Starbucks!! It was creamy and sweet! Really tasty!! But, I'll have to say that Starbucks still has me on the coffee part! However, Mickey D's wasn't bad at all!! Considering that the closest Starbucks is 20 miles, verses the closest McDonald's being a mile or so - I'll probably be giving McDonald's some of my mocha business!! Leigh had told me a few months back that lots of folks in her office had started stopping by McDonald's for their morning coffee and were really raving about it. So, I had tried McDonald's regular coffee a couple of times, and it really is good!! McDonald's is cheaper than Starbuck, although, the truth is, I rarely pay for my Starbucks treats. My sweet family keeps me in a good supply of Starbucks gift cards! Love those!!! Keep 'em coming, Guys!!!

By the way, I didn't order anything in addition to the free Hot Mocha. I wanted to make sure there was no pressure to make an additional purchase before giving my review here. I am pleased to report that there was not even the suggestion that I add a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit to my order!! It was totally free, and they even thanked me for coming out in the rain for Mocha Monday!

Here's a recap of the Mocha Monday details:

McDonald’s restaurants across the United States are offering consumers the choice of two McCafe freebies, on Mondays from July 13th - Aug 3, 2009. You can choose between a 7 oz. Iced Mocha or an 8 oz. Hot Mocha.

The McDonald's Corporation is anticipating giving away over 10 million mocha beverages during this month long campaign.

The special, dubbed McDonald’s Mocha Mondays, runs each Monday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at participating McDonald’s restaurants. Check your local McDonald’s to see if they are participating.

I checked with the Pontotoc, New Albany and Tupelo locations. ALL have confirmed they are participating in the mocha giveaways!!

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