Ministering through your kitchen...

The generous soul will be made rich,
and he who waters will also be watered himself.

Proverbs 11:25

We had several opportunities to minister through our kitchen last week. We were also minister to from others gardens and kitchens. Look for an opportunity to show God's love this week with something from your oven or veggie garden!

Here are a few ideas:

Gifts from the kitchen:

A plate of goodies with a note of appreciation attached with colorful ribbon

Gift Ideas:

A little gift of kitchen gadgets and a cookbook we put together for a new bride

Tonya and I fixed supper for Susan and her family one night. We got to see Avery for the first time! She is beautiful!! We took this little happy for Carter, who's 4. It is a bag with Air Heads and a small toy. I often make these little bags for birthdays and Christmas. Be sure to get individually wrapped candy so moms can dole it out a piece at a time. I usually include a bit of cash or a gift certificate.
It was fun ministering with Tonya, who came to my rescue with a loaf of Cole's bread!!
Thanks, Tonya!!

Food gifts we received:

Peppers, tomatoes and okra from Judy and Susan!!
A jar of homemade tomato relish from Tonya's kitchen!!
Yum, yum yum and many thanks to all!!

M.C.'s birthday Chocolate Cobbler from Ms. Tonya!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us, M.C.!!
Tonya is always so good to put our cobblers in a pan that doesn't need returning!!
This is a big help, especially when there's a new baby or death in the family.
This cobbler was delicious, as usual!! Thank you, Tonya for making M.C. feel special!!
If you'd like the recipe, go to the Search This blog widget in the left sidebar and type in: Chocolate Cobbler

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