Leftover Buffet Tonight!!

We had a Leftovers Buffet tonight. I usually do these on Thursday nights, if we have enough leftovers to make a meal. We just take everything out of the fridge that needs eating, heat it and serve it up buffet-style. This is always fun to me. It's kind of nice to be reminded of the meals I've managed to put together for my family. Plus, there's usually a few - "Oh, yeah! There's some of that left?!" Of course the elation I feel from that compliment is usually quickly tempered by someone else making a comment something like this - "Oh, no, I thought we'd finally gotten rid of all that!" Oh, the joys and pains of being a mom and head cook!!

When I looked things over today, I realized there were a couple of things in the fridge that really had to be eaten tonight - or discarded. We truly had a dab-of-this-and-a-dab-of-that. It was a great way to clean out the fridge and not let these bits of food go to waste! Plus we were all full when we finished eating. I did have a "fresh" dessert, Butterfinger Blondies! That always helps, too!!

The recipe for the Butterfinger Blondies is posted below!!

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