Blogging, Middle-age, and Dessert of the Week- Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Let The Older Women Teach The Younger
Titus 2:4

One of my favorite things about blogging is reconnecting with people. Two, Ashley and Felecia, whom I heard from over the week-end, I’ve known since I was their age, and they were mere children. I was excited to "catch-up on them" through their blogs!

A few years back, I began to feel very old as the kids I had taught at church as pre-schoolers began to graduate from high school - and then from college! Two very wise, mature ladies shared a couple of things with me that have caused me to change the way I feel about growing older. Ms. Mabel H., my sweet, former neighbor, told me - as a lady in her seventies, that life didn’t really begin until 40. Her reasoning was, that by 40, your marriage and career are both fairly well established, you’re making some headway on your mortgage and your children are beginning to grow-up a bit and are a little less dependent upon you for their every need. She said she had tried her best to appreciate and embrace every season of life. Like I said, Ms. Mabel is a wise lady!

A couple of years later, Ms. Lilly Mae, who served as our church hostess for “a hundred years,” shared some very encouraging words with me just before she retired. She and I were talking a bit one Wednesday night about her leaving her job at the church, and I was lamenting how quickly time passes and how old I was feeling. She asked me if I would mind her being honest with me about something. I told her to go ahead. Ms. Lillie Mae said, in only the way she could say it, “Now, I’ve been watching you for the last 20 years, ever since Larry brought you here as a young bride, and I’ve always liked you. But, I always knew you were one of those who would be a late bloomer. God's just now getting ready to really use you. You be sure to make the most of it, and enjoy this time in your life." I think Ms. Lillie Mae is right. There are some people who seem perfectly comfortable in their own skin from a very early age. It took me a long time to grow into mine!

The words of these two dear ladies were gifts to me, and over the last couple of years, I’ve begun to feel very differently about being middle-aged. Today, I would go so far as to say, it’s my favorite time in life - so far!

It was a delight to hear from Ashley and Felicia via the web this weekend! Larry, Craig, Lois and I taught Ashley in our church’s first grade Sunday School Class. Felicia and I have whiled away many a summer’s hour at the Henry’s pool - me as a young mother, and she as a teen-aged babysitter.

Ashley and Felecia both registered for our Pampered Chef Cookbooks - and both were winners!! Be sure to register for our giveaways!! Just like the folks at Publisher's Clearing House tell us, "Someone is going to win. It might as well be you!!" Many thanks to Larry for doing the drawings for me! He's such a great helpmate!! Bless his heart, he was pulling names out of a bowl for me at 10:00 last night! I think I'm going to keep him! ;)

Felecia and Ashely are both now married and have professional careers. It does my heart good to see them each establishing strong, Christian homes. I hope they will occasionally find a tidbit of information on my blog that is helpful to them as they do this. May they find the joy and contentment Larry and I have found raising our kids and serving the Lord here in Pontotoc. Like George Bailey discovered about living out his life in Bedford Falls, "it's a wonderful life" here in our little town.

I love Ashley and Felecia's enthusiasm for cooking, sewing and making cute, crafty things! Both of these young women have always been very talented! Take a look at their blogs and see for yourself!! I know you'll enjoy their handiwork!

Ashley has some really cute crafts for sale! I love the door hangers!!


Felecia has a couple of blogs with recipes, sewing projects and funny life stories!



Many thanks to Felecia for supplying this great recipe for our Dessert of the Week. It looks yummy!! Here's the link:

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake



  1. You are precious. I am so glad I am able to call you friend.

  2. Thank you for sayi such sweet things about Felicia and me. You are such a swee lady and am so glad to know you.


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