Lambert's Restaurant and Country Fried Potatoes

On our way down to Destin, we decided to take a detour through Foley, AL and eat at Lambert's for old time's sake. When the kids were small, they loved going there and catching the rolls the waiters lop through the air from across the restaurant. We always came away stuffed on good Southern fare. On the way out, there was always a game of sidewalk checkers, and Dad had to take a photo or two (or three, or...) with all the different memorabilia that is in abundance both inside and outside this eating establishment.

It had been years since we’d eaten at Lambert's, and fortunately, we found nothing had changed! We ate our fill of meat loaf, fried chicken, ham and beans, and a wide variety of sides, including mash potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, turnip greens, slaw, black-eyed peas, fried okra, country fried potatoes, etc.!! The Lambert's waiters go from table to table with metal mixing bowls filled with side dishes they have dubbed “Pass Arounds”. One can literally eat until he is miserable at this place!
If you've never been to Lambert's, or if it's just been awhile, be sure to stop by on your next visit to the Gulf Coast. There are two locations in Missouri, as well. This is a fun place, serving hearty, Southern comfort food - a great combination!

By the way, we found that teenagers enjoy catching throwed rolls as much as toddler do!

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Norman Ray Lambert's 13 Rules for Lambert's Restaurants

  1. As the Bible says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  2. "Always offer our guest at least one service they can't receive anywhere else."
  3. "You, our guest, are very important, you are the reason we are here! THANK YOU!"
  4. "We need you, our guest, much more than we need ourselves."
  5. "You, our guest, are always right."
  6. "It's our job to take care of you, if we don't someone else will."
  7. "If we make a mistake, we will correct it immediately!"
  8. "Our simple but powerful rule: Always give you, our guest, more than you expect to get."
  9. "You are our guest; guests in our home, not clients or customers, but guests."
  10. "Good enough for some is not good enough for us."
  11. "The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary, is: give that little extra."
  12. "Quality rather than quantity matters, we offer BOTH."
  13. "We do simple things, but in exceptional ways!"


  1. Hi Connie, are you in Destin on vacation or do you live around the area? We are in NW Florida just a couple of hours from Destin (and Foley for that matter lol.) As a matter of fact we'll be at the beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast this weekend. :)

  2. Julie,

    We just returned home to MS from a fun vacation in Destin! How lucky you are to be so close the beach!! Have a great week-end!!

  3. I love Lamberts! I have been craving it this week.

  4. Hey, Connie! We miss you and need to come to Pontotoc soon! I love Lamberts, and we were just talking about checking the map to see if we could include it in our trip to Florida in a few weeks!


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