Men Can Minister with Food, too...

Tyler's "Thank You" Cookies

While we were in Destin, I received a call from my friend, Donna Mc., who had kindly escorted a group of recently-graduated Pontotoc students on a senior trip to the Emerald Coast a few days prior to our arrival there. One young man's suitcase was accidentally left behind. Donna called to see if we might could pick it up and bring it home to Pontotoc with us. We were delighted to do this. We are always having to ask others to come to our rescue for such things. It was nice to be able to be the "helpers" for once!

When Tyler and his mom came by our house to retrieve his duffel bag, they were very generous with their expressions of gratitude! It made us feel so good to have had the opportunity to help them out.

On Monday night, I heard a knock at the front door. When I opened it, there stood Tyler with a tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies, more "thank you's" and another hug. His parents should be very proud of having raised such a well-mannered young man! The cookies were very yummy!!

Now, I'll brag on my hubby a few minutes. Do y'all remember me sharing about Larry's lawnmower accident a couple of weeks back? While he thankfully received no broken bones in his fall, his eye glasses didn't fare nearly as well. They broke at one of the temples and could not be worn. It is fairly important that he be able to read well and correctly at work ;), and he was driving us down to Destin in a couple of days, too.

Our sweet friend, Sunday School teacher, and optometrist, Terry, came to Larry's rescue. In the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon, Terry left his family, came to his office, and made quick work of repairing Larry's broken glasses. For those of you who know Terry, you won't at all be surprised that he did all this. Wanting to do something to express his gratitude, Larry fixed hamburgers for Terry and his staff yesterday. He did almost all the work himself - from the shopping to the cooking! I did make a cake for him to carry. Unfortunately, it fell apart! I've made that cake 30 times with absolutely no problems, and the one time I need it to turn out well - it failed me!! I just dumped it on the plate anyway and sent a spoon instead of a knife to serve it with! :) I knew Terry and his crew wouldn't mind!

When Larry got home from Terry's, he cooked hamburgers for our family, too! They are always sooo good!! He also treated us to George's milkshakes last night for supper. For those who don't know, George's is a chicken and hamburger restaurant in New Albany. We love their milkshakes!! Needless to say, I didn't cook the pizza I had planned for last night!

Men can minister with food! I could tell from Tyler's smile, it made him happy to bring by a tangible expression of his family's gratitude. Larry really enjoyed cooking the hamburgers for Terry and his staff yesterday. He likes cooking them for me and the kids, too. His occasionally taking us by George's for a shake is a longstanding tradition. It's one of those little things I know our children will always remember their daddy doing for them.

Many Blessings and Happy Cookin' ~ Connie

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