My little vacation from cooking - Ajax & Big Bad Breakfast

I have had a nice vacation from cooking for the past few days! As much as I enjoy cooking, it’s nice to have a break once in a while.

Judy and I had a great time eating at Shogun! We ordered some sushi rolls that we hadn’t tried before. We got an avocado and cucumber, a carrot stick, and a salmon. They were all very good. We also ordered our all-time favorite - crawfish roll! Good food with a great friend! What a treat!

Big Bad Breakfast was delicious! If you’re in Oxford and looking for a good breakfast or brunch, give it a try. For you Southern literature fans, the restaurant gets its name from the late Oxford author Larry Brown's book, Big Bad Love. The restaurant uses mostly organic, locally grown produce and dairy products. One concession is the use of MSU cheese. According to restaurant owner, John Currence:
"We use Mississippi State cheese wherever we can… only because there is no Rebel Cheese, which would surely be more tasteful and refined..." All kidding aside, MSU cheese is wonderful, and I'm sure that is why they choose to use it at BBB!!!

Larry and I both ate a meal called, fittingly enough,“Big Bad Breakfast”. It consisted of two eggs - cooked to order, a choice of meat - bacon, sausage, or ham (we both ate bacon), a choice of cheese grits or hash browns (we had the grits), a choice of tomato, red-eye, or sausage gravy (we had sausage) and a choice of toast or biscuit (we both chose the biscuit). As you can tell, it was a huge breakfast! Larry also order a pancake on the side. (What I wouldn't give to eat like that man of mine - and never gain an ounce! It just isn't fair! Ha!) We both thought the pancake was yummy! Big, too! It covered the whole plate!
While we liked the biscuit, but it wasn’t your traditional Southern-style biscuit. It was more of a peppery, herb type. We both liked it a lot, but we think we would like it better with dinner instead of breakfast. There are just some things you shouldn’t mess with when it comes to Southern breakfast fare. Good, plain ole cat-head biscuits is one of them! Just our opinion, of course! :)

The kids took me to Ajax, my favorite restaurant, on Friday. We even got one of the front window seats! Ajax absolutely has the best vegetable plate in the world! My brother-in-law always says we could make a mint if we had an Ajax on a corner in New York City! V.O.D (veggie of the day) was collard greens! I also had fried okra, cheese grits, black-eyed peas and jalapeno corn bread! Yum, yum, yum!!!

On Saturday night, Aunt Jean and Dude, my father-in-law, took us to eat at the new French restaurant in Pontotoc. Yes, I said French restaurant in Pontotoc. I know those two things don’t seem to go together, but we are now proud to boast of having this in our little town! We all thought our food was delicious! I had a chicken and puff pastry dish with a wonderful cream sauce. Again, yummy!

Now, it’s time to get back to the real world - and cooking! There was a time when even this small break would have caused me to completely get off track with cooking our meals. (Somehow this happens to me with dieting and exercising, too! :)) Now that I have my plan, it really is simple just to pick it back up and start with the menu for the day. No “wandering” for weeks - even months - without a plan. I honestly wouldn’t go back to cooking helter-skelter. Cooking with a plan is so much easier and less expensive. Now, if I could only become disciplined with the dieting and exercising…

Many Blessings and Happy Cookin' ~ Connie


  1. Happy Birthday Connie!! Wish we could have joined you at BBB, Ajax, and the French restaurant. Glad to hear you enjoyed them all!! LOVE, LA and Brendan

  2. You guys were sorely missed! How about a re-do when you guys are home? Works for me!
    Much love ~ C.


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