Bubble Up Pizza

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Bubble Up Pizza

We had another of our favorites tonight, Bubble Up Pizza! Larry likes this better with the biscuits baked a bit before adding them to the sauce. I baked the biscuit quarters for about 10 minutes, added them to the sauce and stirred one cup of the cheese into the sauce to "hold things together", since our biscuits won't do this as well since I've baked them a bit.
This is a very versatile little dish. You can use sausage, just beef or just pepperonis, or even no meat. You could also throw in some peppers, onions and mushrooms with the meat.
This dish can be in the oven in under 10 minutes, if you have pre-cooked your meat. It takes less than 2 minutes to cut the biscuits into quarters using my kitchen shears, another one of my favorite Pampered Chef products!
I threw the frozen meat in the microwave for 2 minutes while I cut the biscuits directly into my sprayed baking dish. I opened the sauce, mixed it with the beef and the cup of cheese, and had all this ready to ready mix with the biscuits in about a minute. If you're not cooking the biscuits a bit before adding them to the sauce mixture, you can cut biscuits directly into the mixing bowl with the sauce mixture, stir gently, dump it all in your baking dish and pop it in the oven.
It is fairly inexpensive, too, especially if you use store-brands for most of the ingredients.

I used the last of our cheese sticks tonight. I have added this item to our grocery list.

Ways I saved money:

I used Hunt's canned spaghetti sauce, which is only around a $1 a can.
I used store-brand biscuits and cheese.
I bought my meat in a bulk package.

Ways I saved calories:

The Hunt's sauce is a lower fat sauce.

Why I love cooking for my family:

"Oh, yeah! Bubble Up Pizza!" ~ M.C.

"This cake is awesome! I could eat it every day!" - L.

"I enjoyed my supper!" - Larry

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