Being flexible...

I like to meal plan and have found numerous benefits to doing so. I do try to keep the meals simple. If cooking gets to be a lot of work, it isn’t fun, and we’re less likely to stick with our plan. Another reason I like to keep my recipes simple, and rarely use a recipe that calls for a lot of specialty items, is that things come up - sicknesses, events, guests, etc. The list is endless. There are weeks that are just plain busy. Although we have our meal plan, we need to be flexible with it. When opportunities or needs arise, we need to be ready to accommodate them. Our frozen meat will keep, and the canned goods will be there next week. Keep cooking fun!

The rest of this week is a filled with fun eating for us - particularly for me!
Tonight, my dear friend, Judy and I are going for our annual sushi meal! The food is always delicious and fun. The fellowship is always sweet! Our lives are so busy, and this is one of the few times during the year that we just get to visit and linger over a meal together.
Tomorrow, Larry is taking me to Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford! Leigh and Brendan have been raving about it and telling us we have to go. Have any of you been? Do you have suggestions of what to order?
On Friday, the kids are treating me!
All this good food and fellowship makes turning 46, and officially being on the downhill-slide towards fifty, much more bearable!

(Larry and the kids are clearing out the leftovers tonight!)

Many Blessings and Happy Cookin’ ~ Connie

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